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Valenti's Ristorante [est.1989]


Sicilian Inspired Cuisine 


The Valenti Family established Valenti's Ristorante with the mission to provide the freshest and most authentic italian cuisine. Italian cuisine, in essence, is all about the ingredients, preparation, and love of cooking. Every dish prepared in the Valenti kitchen is made as if we were at home with our family. We grow many of our own herbs right in our garden on premises, which allows us to provide our own "garden to kitchen" freshness. All of our signature sauces are made daily and many to order. All of our recipes are authentic family recipes past down among generations and implemented by Mrs.Valenti and family. Along with providing fresh and authentic cuisine, we also strive to provide the best service to our guests. The Valenti staff takes pride in serving our cuisine with courtesy and with the mindset that our guests are dining with us with the understanding that their experience will be enjoyable in all aspects of dining in a top quality establishment.

Family Owned and Operated

To ensure that our guests have consistently exceptional experiences when dining at Valenti's, the Valenti family are completely committed and involved in day to day operations. From the moment the doors open for morning preparations till the last dish is served, the family is in-house making sure all aspects of the daily operations are executed to the highest standards of quality. With this level of commitment, Valenti's has been operating and serving our community for over 25 years!


 Dining | To go | Catering 

Wether you want to dine-in, take a meal to go, or have an event catered, we ensure that your experience or event is brought to you with unparalleled freshness and with the commitment of top notch quality and service.


Join us at Valenti's Ristorante tonight and experience an evening of pleasurable dining!

Our Mission